To be held during the month of June 


(Amended A.G.M. 2001)

The Association shall be called the Berkshire County Indoor Bowls Association and be affiliated to the English Indoor Bowling Association


To foster the interests of affiliated Indoor Clubs of the County, and to promote the Indoor game for men within the County of Berkshire

To associate with the English Indoor Bowling Association in the general welfare of the game

To organise matches with affiliated Clubs, other Counties and Associate Members of the EIBA

To organise any competitions considered desirable

To arbitrate on question of bowling law and practice referred from Clubs, and to advise lf called upon


Membership of the Association shall be open to Indoor bowls Clubs in the County of Berkshire which are affiliated to the English Indoor Bowling Association

Application for affiliation shall be to the Honorary Secretary and shall be accompanied by a list of office bearers together with the address of the Hon. Sec. and Hon. Treasurer, and a copy of the Club rules

Clubs seeking affiliation shall confirm that their green has been laid down as recommended by the W.I.B.C Code of Practice

  • Clubs playing on greens connected with licensed premises must be managed by an Executive Committee and must have sole and exclusive use and control of the funds of the Club and green of which they play.
  • No Club playing or intending to play on Private, Municipal or other greens, upon which an Affiliated Club or Clubs is or are playing shall become affiliated until the existing Club or Clubs using the said greens has or have been consulted by the Association and in the opinion of the Association has or have offered no bona fide objection to its Affiliation.
  • All Affiliated Clubs are expected to give reasonable facilities for the holding of competition promoted by the E.I.B.A and this Association. Clubs playing Municipal or other greens should possess a permit from the Municipal or other authority allowing them the use of the rinks for International, National, or other competition purposes.
  • Clubs sharing an indoor green shall have a minimum of 100 members and permission to share has been granted by the parent Club


A yearly subscription at the rate fixed by the Annual General Meeting should be paid not later than 31st December for the ensuing year. Clubs failing to pay the subscription as stated shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership until the whole of the arrears has been paid.


The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee Consisting of:

  • The President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Junior Vice President
  • Immediate Past President (for 1 year only)
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Honorary Match Secretary
  • Honorary Assistant Secretary
  • Two delegates appointed by each affiliated club
  • 7 persons shall form a quorum
  • The Junior Vice president to be elected where possible on a rotated club basis.

In addition to dealing with all matters in connection with the product of the business of the Association the Executive Committee shall deal with such matters as may be delegated to it by the Annual General Meeting. It shall meet at least three times a year or as often as may be necessary.

The Executive Committee may appoint sub committees as required. The names of the delegates appointed by each affiliated club must be in the hands of Honorary Secretary by the 30th April for the ensuing year.


The Honorary Secretary shall keep records of all business transacted at the General and other meetings and shall submit to the Annual Meeting a report of the proceedings since the previous Annual Meeting.


The Honorary Treasurer shall render to the Annual General Meeting a precise account of the receipts and expenditure for the last year ending the 30th of April, audited and signed by the auditor/s appointed at the Annual General Meeting.


The Honorary Match Secretary shall attend to all the fixtures  approved by the Executive Committee.


The Honorary Assistant Secretary shall assist the Honorary Secretary    and the Honorary Match Secretary in matters as determined by the Executive Committee.


             a.) The annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of June                      each year. The notice and the agenda of this meeting shall be sent to each club at least 14 days before the date of this meeting.

             b.)  Members of Affiliated Clubs may attend the Annual General Meeting and take part in the business. Only the Officers of the Association and the 2 appointed delegates from each Affiliated Club shall be allowed to vote.

             c.) Every item on the Agenda shall be submitted to the meeting for discussion and all votes for and against counted. All items /notices of motion whether from Clubs or Executive Committee shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary 28 days prior to the meeting.

              d.) The President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Honorary Match Secretary, Honorary Assistant Secretary, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for these offices may be submitted by the Executive Committee or any Affiliated Club to reach the honorary Secretary by the 30th of April, The Senior Vice President and Junior Vice President Move by right of succession to the office of President and Senior Vice President for the ensuing year.

               e.)  Substitution for appointed club delegates is permitted only at the General Executive if delegated by their club.

              f.)  A Club shall be informed by letter if a delegate fails to attend 2 consecutive meetings and has not sent an apology in writing before the meeting. 

            g.) The President shall be Chairman of the Executive Committee and shall have a casting vote in addition to his own vote.

The Association shall nominate the Retiring President as an Honorary Life Member at the Annual General Meeting.

     In addition, the Association may elect as Honorary Life Members any members who are considered to have given exceptional service to the Association. Honorary Life members (not being Officers or elected delegates) may be co-opted to serve on any Committee(s) for which they are deemed to have special qualification, but shall have no vote

h)    A Special General Meeting shall be called if so determined by the Executive. Seven days’ notice shall be given of such a meeting specifying the purpose for which the meeting has been called. No other business shall be transacted at the meeting.

i)     Standing Orders as contained in the rules of the English Indoor Bowling association shall apply to all General Meetings.


The Executive Committee shall be empowered to adjudicate upon disputes referred to it, arising between or among Affiliated Clubs as to the meanings of or interpretations of any of the rules or any matter of policy or complaint. The subject of reference or appeal must be stated in writing to the Honorary Secretary who shall call a meeting of the Executive Committee to deal with the matter.

It shall be competent to the Executive Committee after due investigation of the facts and, if need be, the examination of witnesses and relevant evidence, to suspend or determine the membership of any Club or member thereof.

Right of Appeal to the next Annual General Meeting shall be reserved to the Club or member concerned.


Clubs may make modifications to laws as may be necessary to meet              special local conditions provided that such modifications are reported to and approved by the Executive Committee and the English Indoor Bowling Association and are published for the information of members and visiting players

Special attention is drawn to the requirements that all bowls used in competitive or representative games must bear the valid B.I.B.C. stamp.


 This Association is subject to the Rules of the English Indoor Bowling Association.


The Executive Committee shall have entire control of the Inter County and other matches and of competitions and may draw up the rules and regulations of the latter

Teams for all matches shall be selected by a selection committee(s) appointed by the Executive Committee.


Alteration of, or addition to, any of the foregoing rules shall be made only at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose. Written notice of the terms of such alterations or additions must be submitted by the Executive Committee or Affiliated Clubs of the Association 28 days prior to the meeting. 


The Constitution of this Association, like that of the English Indoor Bowling association, legislates for men only. Where clubs share facilities with women bowlers such women should form a separate club or separate section under their own Officers and should not be included in any return made to this Association.


From the Colts Panel

  1. This panel will be selected from nominations submitted by affiliated Clubs in the Association on or before dates fixed by the Executive Committee.

If considered appropriate the Executive Committee may award a Colt’s badge to a member of an Associated Club, the club to be consulted before such an award.

When submitting Nominations, a Club should suggest an order of merit in which the nominees may be considered.

b)  A Colt will be required to be a member of the Colts Panel for 3 years and to have played at least one County game per season before being awarded a County blazer badge

     A Colt will be awarded with a Colt’s badge on the occasion of his first County game.

  1. An unbadged player shall be awarded a Colts badge after playing his first Liberty Trophy game, and shall be awarded his County Badge after playing in 3 County games including Liberty Trophy games. He shall also be awarded his Liberty Trophy Flash after playing in 3 Liberty Trophy games. 
  2. If considered appropriate the Executive Committee may award a County blazer badge to a member of an Affiliated      Club who has been awarded a blazer badge by another E.I.B.A. affiliated County Association

The award will be considered by the Executive Committee upon     written application from the Secretary of the Affiliated Club.

  1. The Executive Committee may award a County blazer badge to any Officer or Delegate as is deemed necessary.

            Recipients of badges/flashes shall pay a fee to the Association as   determined by the Executive Committee.


The dress to be worn at all Association games, unless otherwise determined by the Executive Committee, shall be:

Navy blue blazer, coloured shirt, white trousers or tailored shorts and white shoes. Elected Officers shall wear white shirt and Association tie before and after the match.

The County blazer badge (where appropriate) must be worn on the left breast pocket, the colour of the blazer shall not apply if superseded by International or E.I.B.A. honours. Badges embroidered on shirts and jackets worn by County representatives must be Association badges only, unless superseded by International or E.I.B.A. honours.

Dress for matches v Affiliated Clubs shall be left to the discretion of the Executive Committee.